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Streamlining Consumer Goods Packaging: Amplifying Impact with Outsourced Design

Packaging By Jul 19, 2023

Consumer goods packaging is crucial in any product launch, serving both protective and marketing purposes. As the complexity of packaging increases and the need for specialized expertise rises, many businesses are turning to outsourcing design services to streamline the process. 

This trend is driven by the desire to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality packaging. With the global packaging market projected to reach USD 1,333.02 billion by 2028, it’s evident that packaging plays a strategic role in brand differentiation and leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

This blog delves into the challenges faced by companies in this sector and understands how outsourcing layout design and labeling services to design experts can optimize consumer goods packaging design, reinforce brand messaging, and attract customers.

Top Challenges of Consumer Goods Packaging Design

The consumer goods industry is highly competitive, with numerous products vying for consumers’ attention. In this cluttered market, it is essential for packaging to be creative and informative, conveying the product’s benefits and distinguishing it from competitors. However, businesses face various challenges when it comes to packaging design, including:

1.Limited internal design resources 

    Many consumer goods companies may lack an in-house design team or the necessary expertise to create compelling packaging designs that resonate with their target audience.

    2.Time constraints

    In-house design teams often face time constraints due to multiple ongoing projects, resulting in rushed or subpar packaging designs that fail to make a lasting impact.

    3.Staying updated with design trends

    The consumer goods industry is dynamic, with design trends evolving rapidly. It can be challenging for companies to keep up with the latest trends and effectively incorporate them into their packaging designs.

    Optimizing Consumer Goods Packaging Design through Outsourcing

    Outsourcing design services provides a viable solution to overcome the challenges consumer goods businesses face. Companies can streamline their packaging design processes and achieve remarkable results by partnering with design experts specializing in layout design and labeling services. Here’s how outsourcing can make a difference:

    • Access to specialized expertise

    According to a recent study, 70% of businesses outsource their packaging design to firms with specialized expertise. 

    Design professionals possess the necessary skills and expertise to create visually appealing and impactful packaging designs. They understand the consumer goods industry’s dynamics and can tailor designs to align with target audience preferences and market trends.

    • Optimizing brand messaging

    Outsourcing design services allows companies to collaborate with experts who translate brand messaging and values into compelling packaging designs. They ensure the packaging resonates with the target audience and reinforces the brand’s identity.

    • Cost and time efficiency

    Some recent studies show that companies can save an average of 20% on packaging costs by outsourcing their design. Outsourcing packaging design eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive design software and equipment. 

    Moreover, design experts can deliver high-quality designs within stipulated deadlines, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies and bring products to market faster.

    • Market Research and Consumer Insights

    Successful packaging design requires a deep understanding of your target market and consumer behavior. By partnering with an outsourcing agency, businesses gain access to valuable consumer insights that can power informed packaging design decisions. 

    These insights help create packaging that resonates with your target audience, increasing the chances of a positive response and brand loyalty.

    • Increased speed to market

    The average time to get a product to market in-house is 12 months. By outsourcing, businesses can get design expertise for their consumer goods packaging, save money, and get their products to market faster.

    Final Thoughts

    Streamlining consumer goods packaging through outsourced design services is a strategic approach that can bring numerous benefits to businesses in this sector. By partnering with design experts, companies can overcome the challenges of creating visually appealing and informative packaging that stands out on shelves. 

    Outsourced design services optimize packaging design, reinforce brand messaging, and attract customers by combining creative expertise with market insights. Outsourcing design services to experienced service providers like Prepress Pro can help companies leverage the power of outsourced design to amplify their impact in the marketplace and achieve long-term success.

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