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Prepress Pro’s graphic design services are devised to give documents and books a professional look and feel. Large publishing houses can reap the cost advantage by outsourcing their graphic design needs to support their digital prepress projects. We cover a wide range of layouts and styles to create print-ready manuscripts, technical documents, ebooks, magazines, and academic journals.

Our extensive graphic design services for digital prepress include designing the book layout, cover designs, illustrations, sketches, diagrams, flowcharts, images, and the creation of many more graphic elements.

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What We Do

Graphic Elements

Design all graphic elements in a book and/or edit current elements. This includes adding illustrations, laying out content in a structured format, and ensuring that all images display correctly across all electronic devices.

Experts Design

Our experts design complex diagrams and charts, making us an optimal choice for academic and business documents where the page size margins and text layout can all affect the placement of graphical elements

Resize and Redraw

Resize and redraw already existing images as per client requests.

Retouch Photo

Retouch photos and provide color-correction services to ensure consistency and high definition.

Our Quality Contro

Our process also ensures that all content is original and not plagiarized.

Workforce Expertise & Qualification

Expert Graphic Designers

Our highly qualified team of expert graphic designers, illustrators, and image editors have a graduate degree or higher in their field of work.

Volume Work

Our teams have been extensively trained to efficiently perform large volume work.

Graphical Requirements

We have experts in different niches including photo editing, graphic design, cover designers, etc. who all have years of hands-on experience working with publishers, authors, and ad agencies on their graphical requirements.

Software, Technology & Infrastructure

Use of the top graphic editing software with
ISO 27001:2013 compliant processes

Engagement Plans & Pricing

Digital Prepress Services

Prepress Pro is a one-stop-shop for customized digital prepress services.

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Prepress Services from Prepress Pro

Image Enhancement

Enhance color, backgrounds, lighting, and other essential elements

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Digital Conversion

Convert physical marketing and sales materials into digital formats

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Format and layout design that guarantees graphics flow more efficiently

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Create crisp, clean layouts for ebooks, magazines, and brochures

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Editing & Proofreading

Full digital proofing that ensures accordance with PSO and ISO 12647-2

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Color Management

Full-color management and testing with the option to make full-color changes

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Data Structuring

Structure data related to your print files to make it easier to layout the text

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