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Color Management

PrePress color management services ensure that your documents are 100% ready-to-publish with the right colors and color tones in your books and documents. Our color management experts have worked with publishers from around the world so we understand and adhere to all of the strict requirements set by major publishing platforms and industry print guidelines.

We also make sure that all aspects related to color are consistent throughout the documents so that the viewing and reading experience is the same irrespective of the device or print material on which it is viewed. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional, print-ready documents by ensuring accurate color representation at affordable prices.

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What We Do

Color Profiles

We create the desired color profiles using color codes that are recognized across all devices, ensuring that all colors are displayed properly throughout the document.

Digital Proofing

We conduct a thorough prepress color management process for digital proofing with substrate simulation to meet PSO and ISO 12647 standards.

Color Standards

We adhere to industry-compliant color standards such as ISO 2846, PANTONE, HKS, etc.

Desired Color

We conduct a complete color test before press so the client has the option of making any desired color changes before sending the files to print.

Workforce Expertise & Qualification

Graphic Designers

Our teams are all built around highly qualified graphic designers, image editors, and color-grading experts

Color Management

All members of our prepress color management team have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, giving them an academic edge in delivering color management services.

Experts at PrePress

Experts at PrePress Pro have vast knowledge and hands-on experience working with different color profiles, techniques, and follow industry standards related to substrates – ensuring that the final output meets the client’s expectations and is in line with publishing and printing guidelines.

Software, Technology & Infrastructure

Use of the latest color management software with
ISO 27001:2013 compliant processes

Engagement Plans & Pricing

Digital Prepress Services

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