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Data Structuring

Prepress Pro provides publishers with vital data structuring services for their ebooks, manuscripts, and other essential documents. We assist our clients during the digital prepress process with extensive data structuring to help create a well-structured output.

Our services include laying out the document or book’s content in an organized manner, making it easy to search for content within the document. We also provide indexing and cataloging of data, so that the accessibility and readability of the content are greatly improved.

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What We Do

Our Team

Our team of experts improves the book or document’s flow by giving it a more logical structure. We ensure the introduction, chapters, conclusion, and all sections in between are laid out correctly.

Easily Search

We create an index so that readers can easily search for content within the book.

Data Structuring

Our data structuring services also provide metadata for tagging and classifying key content within the book which is highly useful with search engines and helps readers search for specific information.

Workforce Expertise & Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree

All experts on our teams are highly diverse and have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in communications and/or IT.

Structuring Data

Our executives are equipped with cutting-edge technology and understand how to use it to deliver operational efficiencies and cost advantages when structuring data.

Your Budget

We’re able to provide highly targeted data structuring services without breaking your budget.

Software, Technology & Infrastructure

We are equipped with the latest tools to ensure that all indexing is
done correctly and our processes adhere to SO 27001:2013
compliance standards.

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Digital Prepress Services

Prepress Pro is a one-stop-shop for customized digital prepress services.

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Prepress Services from Prepress Pro

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