Perfecting Your Catalog with Professional Typesetting- A Guide for Gifting Companies

Printing By Dec 07, 2023

From the inception of the printing press, typesetting has played a pivotal role in transforming the readability and aesthetic appeal of printed materials. Ensuring the final product is visually pleasing and easy to comprehend, professional typesetting has become a cornerstone in the publishing process, setting the bar for contemporary publications. In the fiercely competitive realm of the gifting industry, the…

Everything to Know about eBook Formatting

Formatting, Printing By Apr 21, 2023

EBook formatting isn’t as simple as most authors believe. What you see in a document isn’t necessarily what’s going to show up on eBook reading devices so best-selling authors turn to eBook formatting services to ensure their book is professional. Authors are responsible for the formatting of their books. Overlooked formatting mistakes will change the appearance of the document once…

Printing With Pantone vs. CMYK Colors: What to Expect

Printing By Nov 14, 2022

Whether you’re printing with CMYK or Pantone colors, consistency is essential to reinforce your brand’s identity. Color matching across manufacturers is challenging, especially when today’s fast-paced consumer-driven market demands immediate product placement. The two major color systems used today are CMYK colors and Pantone colors. Ensure consistent branding by understanding the key differences between these two robust color systems. Ensure…